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EnviroTeach is a resource for educators that illustrates how "environment" is integral to all subjects in South African schools. It is a glossy, full colour  publication  that is distributed free-of-charge to educators/schools  in all nine provinces with the support of  funders.  Most editions have a mix of funders ranging from international donors to government departments  (at all levels), corporates, trusts and foundations as well as parastatals. The concept of "Environment" that is reflected in each edition is holistic, dealing with the biophysical, social, political and economic dimensions of each topic.

Each edition of EnviroTeach has the following objectives:

  • to provide useful, well-written background information on the selected topic for the educators;
  • to cover all aspects of the selected topic according to the curriculum requirements for the selected Subject and Grade or Phase using creative and innovative methods. Local Case Stories and educator profiles are featured.
  • to suggest tools that can be used for assessment that are appropriate for the topic and the curriculum requirements; and to include relevant references and contact details of organisations, publications, website addresses etc. for the educators that are linked to the topic.

According to the topic of each edition, the composition of the Editorial Team varies to ensure that relevant expertise is drawn into the development process. As a result, the "look and feel" of each edition is unique to reflect  this diversity.  At least one representative of the Dept. of Education is always included in the Editorial Team to guarantee that the requirements and principles of the National Curriculum Statement is reflected appropriately.